Ms Marie McGovern and Mrs Bernadette Ruttle join SCP

Ms Marie McGovern and Mrs Bernadette Ruttle, UKCP Registered Systemic Psychotherapists, have joined the staff of SCP.

Family therapy, or systemic psychotherapy, as it is also called offers a safe supportive space for families, couples and individuals to talk together or separately about some of the most important aspects of life; family and personal relationships. It offers the potential for significant change in longstanding difficulties.

When faced with problems that threaten to be overwhelming relationships can come under great strain and patterns may develop which in create obstacles to the resolution of problems. Family therapy is effective for a range of difficulties affecting all ages and stages of life. Research has shown that family and systemic psychotherapy can bring effective change in the many areas including eating disorders, childhood depression, conduct problems, emotional problems and chronic physical illness. Systemic couple therapy provides a safe and respectful space for couples who are in distress and seeking to resolve relationship or family problems either together or apart. It has also been shown to be an effective treatment in adult depression.

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