Happy Birthday!

Apparently, a ten-year wedding anniversary is traditionally celebrated with a gift made of, or more likely, containing tin; but how does a company celebrate being incorporated for ten years? With that in mind, it is with genuine pleasure that we can say that today marks the ten-year anniversary from the date Socrates (as with all faithful friends we shorten its name) was legally born into the wide world of business.

From the initial gestation, in which three colleagues planned its inception, through the youthful and vigorous growth, to the more experienced business that exists today there has always been at its heart its Director, Dr. Rachel McCormick. She has committed herself to building a service which thoroughly embraces its motto of ‘where the individual matters’. We all take great pride in the work that we do and the reputation that Socrates has developed; a pride earned by expertise, hard work and determination over the years.

In the end whilst gifts are nice, what always matters more is who you celebrate with and for this there could be no better way for Socrates to celebrate than to sincerely thank all who have contributed to its growth and success, both in the past and now.

The next major anniversary is the 25th; silver isn’t it?

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