Our expert witness service is led by our Managing Director, Dr Rachel McCormick (learn more>) and Clinical Director, Dr Leanne Tidsey (learn more>).

As you would expect all of our experts are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and undertake proper and meaningful clinical supervision. We also consider it of importance that our experts also have ongoing clinical practice as well as providing expert reports.


Family Law Referrals including Pre-proceedings Assessments

The crucial decisions made by family courts have life changing consequences and all the stakeholders of the judicial system, from the children who are the subject of the proceedings, to their families, the legal representatives and the judiciary must have confidence in any expert instructed to provide an opinion that is intended to be a key part of the decision making process. Our experts will only ever accept instructions to provide an opinion only if it is within their knowledge, skill and experience to provide that opinion.

Socrates offers expert witness services in public and private law proceedings, providing timely, thorough, concise and informed psychological reports. Socrates clinicians undertaking this work are very experienced in giving evidence to the courts, and work to current guidelines regarding timescales and costs. Socrates clinicians aim to report within an eight week timescale for cases in proceedings, and four weeks for pre-proceedings assessments.

We offer expertise in considering the individual and collective psychological profiles of different family members, and their impact on key issues and decisions for determination in family court proceedings.

Socrates clinicians can evaluate and provide an opinion on single or multiple issues including: attachment and parenting; mental health; behavioural and emotional functioning; intelligence; mental capacity; personality type; substance misuse and/or addiction; learning needs; psychological impact of disability, sensory impairment or ill health; psychological impact of trauma and/or abuse; neuro-developmental conditions (e.g. autism spectrum disorder); attachment styles and interpersonal relationships; capacity for change; and personal, developmental and therapeutic needs.

The Socrates team of experienced clinical psychologists is proud of its professional relationships with a number of leading legal practices, and of its ability to provide high quality assessments and reports in relation to children, young people and adults.

Our clinicians generate over 100 reports per year for courts nationwide.


Personal Injury and Medical Negligence Referrals

Socrates accepts referrals directly from solicitors and from intermediary agencies to assist in the assessment and understanding of the impact of distressing events on psychological well-being. Socrates will provide diagnoses (using ICD and/or DSM) and advise on the psychological impact of trauma on the individual, prognosis and appropriate therapeutic interventions.

Reports have been prepared under joint instruction and, in more complex cases, for claimants and for defendants. Our fixed fee personal injury and medical negligence expert reports are accessible, concise and timely (completed within 8 weeks of referral and often sooner). Our Dr Tidsey is an Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) Expert.

Clinicians are available for brief telephone consultation prior to instruction.

We are able to provide such assessments on children, young people and adults at both our Huddersfield and Bolton bases.

We have been providing such reports since 2007 and undertake approximately 120 per annum. Our clinicians have experience of attending professionals' meetings and conferences with other experts, preparing joint statements and giving evidence in court in challenging cases.

We can offer favourable payment terms to solicitors, please simply contact us to discuss further.


Criminal Law Referrals

Socrates clinicians undertake reports for the court in criminal law proceedings where mental capacity or mental health issues are relevant. Socrates clinicians can give an opinion on mental health problems, forensic risk, substance misuse, personality disorders, domestic violence and related issues. Cognitive ability, neuro-developmental problems (e.g. autism) and learning disabilities can also be assessed.

Socrates clinicians with expertise in learning disabilities are available to carry out assessments in criminal law proceedings where learning disability may be a contributing factor.