Ms Mary Burns

Associate Consultant Clinical Psychologist
BSc (Hons), MSc

Mary Burns is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and accredited EMDR therapist. She works with children, young people and families who are experiencing distress, finding it difficult to cope or where for a number of other reasons, they or others have concerns about their emotional wellbeing. She also works with adoptive parents or foster carers who are seeking a deeper understanding of their child’s communications and behaviour so that they can parent them in a more meaningful way. Her expertise with Looked After and Adopted children has been gained through a long NHS history in the field.

Mary’s approach is informed by Attachment theory as our early attachment relationships largely determine our later relationships with others and our experience of the world around us. Consequently, she often involves parents or carers as part of the therapy. She uses a number of therapeutic approaches including Systemic and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy as well as EMDR when indicated. [EMDR is a therapy that facilitates the ‘unblocking’ and reprocessing of raw traumatic memories or emotionally stuck points, and Mary has found it especially helpful with those children and young people who might otherwise find it difficult to talk about their distress].

In addition to offering direct work with children and families, Mary works with organisations and professionals seeking advice about service development, planning, clinical supervision or case management. She also offers a number of training packages to social workers, social work managers, adopters, parents or carers.