Socrates offers training on a variety of subjects to settings and public bodies/authorities, where psychological and mental health factors are important, such as school and workplaces. Teaching and training is available for organisations regarding clinical difficulties, clinical intervention and delivery of clinical services (including evaluation). Socrates is able to offer teaching and training across a wide range of clinical issues, for example:

o    Child and adolescent development (including cognitive development)

o    Neuropsychological assessment and care planning

o    Learning difficulties

o    Eating Difficulties

o    Clinical neurodevelopmental disorders (such as ADHD and Autism)

o    Behavioural difficulties (including Conduct Disorder or Oppositional Defiant Disorder)

o    Emotional difficulties (such as deliberate self-harm, depression, anxiety and OCD)

o    Trauma and PTSD

o    Parenting management of behaviour, relationships and crises

o    At-risk mental states and psychosis

o    Looked after and adopted children

o    Attachment (particularly in relation to ‘looked after’ and adopted children)

o    Designing services and care pathways (including establishing private practice)

o    Professional and therapy issues such as confidentiality, informed consent, therapeutic boundaries, supervision and safe practice.

In addition to the above, teaching and training is also available with respect to

o    direct interventions (such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing) and

o    service delivery (such as sessions on consultation and clinical supervision).


Clinical supervision is available for generic or specific clinical needs, with recognition of the requirement for continuing professional development. Further, a variety of models of supervision can be offered and agreed as appropriate. Group or individual supervision is available and is particularly suited to/aimed at clinical psychologists or other health professionals working within clinical specialties. All our clinicians have undertaken recognised Supervisor training.


Socrates offers consultation to organisations (including health, legal, social, education and emergency services) as well as independent professionals, voluntary sector workers or members of the public.

Socrates clinicians offer consultation, assessment and therapy to a number of organisations, to assist in the planning and provision of clinical services as well as providing solution-focused interventions to aid carers or clients who are at risk and may potentially require clinical services (such as risk of offending behaviours due to mental health concerns). Socrates has existing contracts with organisations supporting individuals with learning difficulties and young people in residential care.

Continuing Professional Development

All Clinicians are committed to Continuing Professional Development, which includes undertaking expert witness training in the fields of Criminal, Civil and Family Law.

Socrates' Courses for 2017 - 2018

In addition to the above we are excited to be developing a number of courses. For each course we have provided a link to a pdf about the course for you to browse and download. Again, if you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help.

Mindfulness for students aged between 11 - 17

We are delighted to offer a Mindfulness Group specifically developed for students aged 11 to 17

Our 8 week course has been developed and will be facilitated by Dr Alison Downes, Senior Clinical Psychologist. The first eight week course commences on the 3rd October 2017 and the second eight week course on the 23rd January 2018. Each session begins after school and will take place at our Huddersfield office.

Please download our leaflet for further details.


Working successfully in independent practice

Setting up a therapy practice? Want to grow, develop or refine your existing business?

We have designed our course to assist you in negotiating the challenges of building a thriving practice. The course takes place over four separate days from January to June 2018. It will be faciliatated by Dr Rachel McCormick, Managing Director/Clinical Psychologist and Dr Rachel Varley, Consultant Clinicial Psychologist.

Please download our leaflet for further details.



So you want to be a Clinical Psychologist?

A course developed to assist those seeking to qualify as a Clinical Psychologist

Our six day course is primarily for psychology graduates and assistant psychologists to develop their knowledge and experience. Each session will be for 8 - 12 attendees to provide focused and interactive sessions. The course will be facilitated by Dr Amanda Gill, Senior Clinical Psychologist, with additional facilitators, including clinicians who have taught and been involved in the selection process on the doctorate course, offering their expertise to the topics covered.

Please download our leaflet for further details.