SCP provides assessment and on-going therapy, consultation and support for a variety of developmental conditions in children, adolescents and adults. SCP has experience of undertaking assessments to resolve waiting lists for NHS providers.

Autistic Spectrum Conditions Assessment and Intervention

Autistic Spectrum Conditions (also known as Autistic Spectrum Disorder) are neurodevelopmental conditions characterised by difficulties with:

  • Social Interaction
  • Social Communication
  • Rigidity / Obsessionality

Our assessments are undertaken in accordance with the National Autism Plan for Children and take account of the NICE guidelines for children, young people and adults.

The Socrates team includes clinical and educational psychologists, speech and language therapists, psychiatrists and mental health practitioners. 

Socrates Autism Assessment and Intervention Service provide a full multi-disciplinary assessment.

We provide

  • Initial consultation
  • Structured autism-specific assessment
  • Communication skills assessment
  • Other assessments as appropriate e.g. cognitive functioning, observation in other settings e.g. school
  • A full report and recommendations
  • Post-diagnostic work including individual therapeutic work, family work or consultation to other involved agencies.

The Socrates team are able to provide both initial assessments and second opinions where necessary, as well as expert evidence in court cases in the areas of education, family, private and public law, and criminal proceedings, where a neurodevelopmental condition is a factor.

The Socrates team are also able to provide a wide range of autism specific interventions such as advice about managing transitions, developing social stories, behaviour management advice, social skills work and cognitive behaviour therapy for anxiety, low mood or anger.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

ADHD is characterised by difficulties in the following areas:-

  • Inattention
  • Hyperactivity
  • Impulsivity

To meet the criteria for diagnosis, these difficulties have to be pervasive across settings and negatively impact on social and academic performance.

Our assessments are undertaken in line with NICE guidelines for the assessment of ADHD. The Socrates multi-disciplinary team consists of clinical psychologists, psychiatrists and mental health practitioners.

The Socrates team is able to undertake initial assessments as well as provide second opinions and is also able to provide expert evidence in court. 

We provide:

  • Initial consultation
  • Observation in clinic and another setting such as school
  • ADHD specific assessment
  • Use of ADHD assessment measures-Conner’s questionnaires
  • Other assessments as appropriate e.g. cognitive functioning
  • A full report and recommendations
  • Follow-up work as appropriate, e.g. individual, parental or family therapeutic work and consultation to other involved agencies.

The Socrates team is also able to provide advice regarding intervention if requested e.g. behaviour management advice, support and advice to schools, advice about sleep problems.